Words Of Wisdom For Men That Love Asian Women

If you have every found yourself attracted to Asian women, you know one thing for certain: There is something about them that is truly special. You may unable to pinpoint its origin, but it is there, taunting you.

For men that love Asian women, this can be disconcerting. Society has taught men, especially Caucasian men, that being attracted to a certain type of race or ethnicity is taboo. ?It must be based on some stereotype? they say, calling it a ?fever? as if it is something that can be cured.

But that is simply not the case, and it is that type of outlook that makes men that love Asian women feel ashamed of their own attraction, something that no man or woman should ever have to go through.


Claiming that men that are attracted to Asian women are either suffering from some sort of illness or hold some sort of negative outlook is like claiming that liking a brand of cereal is unfair to all other cereals. Attract is just that ? attraction. There isn?t always a reason for it, and there doesn?t need to be.

For men that love Asian women, this attraction is purely physical ? it doesn?t affect the way they judge personality, relationships, or even who they necessarily date. It is simply a physical attraction based on the way a woman looks, the same way that many women have a physical attraction to men. Perhaps it is something ?uniquely Asian? like tan skin or black hair, but it is nothing more than an appreciation of the aesthetic beauty of the Asian woman.

What Most People Don?t Realize

What most men and women don?t realize is that 75% of the time that an individual claims they have ?no preference? with regards to the race or ethnicity they are attracted to, it turns out that they tend to be attracted to men or women of their own ethnicity. This is especially true of Caucasians in America, as they tend to not see themselves as any race or ethnicity at all ? so when they are attracted to other Caucasians, rather than say ?I?m attracted to Caucasian women? they claim ?I have no preference.?

And that is undeniably false. Most human beings on the planet are attracted to something physical, whether it be hair color, skin tone, height, weight, eye color, what have you. For men that love Asian women, it just happens that the aesthetic beauty they are attracted to happen to be present in Asian women. This does not mean it affects anything other than physical attraction (finding someone attractive does not automatically mean you like their personalities more) but it is still there, as a purely natural, purely healthy part of a man?s life.

So if you have ever been judged or have judged someone else for being attracted to Asian women, stop. There is nothing wrong with finding yourself attracted to any type of woman purely because of physical beauty, as long as you don?t treat them or anyone else poorly because of it.