How To Completely Captivate A Women?

When dating, what would you do to impress the women you approach or date? Are you facing problem such as lacking of interesting good topic to talk about? In most cases, when the woman would get bored, she will eventually excuse herself for something more interesting. There gone a possible wonderful love relationship.

Here I want to reveal the secret in captivating a women, the magic is “storytelling”!

The funny thing is, I realize that the same story can be recycled again and again, the more you repeat, the more refine the story is. Practice make perfect! What I realized was that though I was bored with the stories, the girls were completely captivated by them! It’s funny, because most men who are naturals with women are usually good story tellers. They’re able to tell a story in an entertaining manner, you can’t help but have a good time with them!

Remember the formula: Storytelling = Entertainment = Good Time and if you can show a woman a good time, they’ll always want to attach to you! Now, another interesting fact is that always tell the same stories over and over again. This is because they perfect their stories every time they tell them, and they also know which stories work to get the women they’re talking to interested! But these stories all have something in common, no matter who is telling what story. There is one common factor that binds them all together. It’s the “secret” of every natural ladies man anywhere, and I’m going to share it with you right now.

THE STORY IS ALL ABOUT THE WOMEN! That’s right. They talk about themselves. Do your homework so that you have some good stories. They should be stories from your life that are entertaining. Make sure your stories are lively and exited! Otherwise, your interaction with her will end very soon.

Next, ask her some questions about herself. Simple question like “Where is your hometown,” or “What do you do during free time.” Keep finding out more about herself until you find something you that you can blend into your own stories.

For instance, if she is from LA, and tell you experience all about LA and surrounding! It is crucial to tell stories that relate to the experience so that you can create a sense of connection with her. It is a way of creating a common experience you both share. Remember that old phrase “We have so much in common!”? Well, that’s important because peoples feel comfortable towards what they are familiar. When she is more familiar with you, it will be the easier for you to get a date.