The Trusted And True Love Calculator

Is there a unit that can be used to measure the intensity of love? Sometimes the term “love” is ambiguous and subject to debate. There are many categories of love which are interpreted differently to give diverse interpretations. In this case however it is the love that draws two different people together for mutual companionship. The one and only true love that makes two persons to dedicate their lives to each other. A love that is consummated in marriage after the holy knots of matrimony have been tied. It has the intensity and sweetness of summer love. So compelling and irresistible that the two lovers can only find happiness in togetherness. But what is the most ideal parameter that can be distinctively used as a true love calculator? An aspect that can be used as a yardstick to measure any budding relationship. Something that can be used as a point of reference.

There is no known formula for calculating love and a true love calculator does not use a single aspect to arrive at a conclusion. It bases its findings on many aspects and factors in order to draw a comprehensive conclusion. One of the most basic elements that a love calculator uses to give a relationship a clean bill of health is true love. A relationship that has a lot of emotional investments and a mutual commitment, care and goodwill from both partners is dubbed as a union that is deep and true. A short-lived fling or a one night-stand hardly receives any mention when a love sum is being calculated. However a loving relationship with the trappings of strong feelings scores highly. It would itself be used as a yard stick or a point of reference for a couple that aspires to have a successful and fulfilling relationship.

Time remains as the best and most reliable true love calculator of all times. A relationship that stands the test of time is a relationship that has gone through the baptism of fire. If there is no true love in a relationship, time will always tell. Time will always expose any ill-intent or lack of commitment from a partner though this hardly happens in summer love. It winnows the wheat from the chaff. Time exposes a relationship to a lot of weathering. Relationship undergoes a lot of hurdles and tests that sometimes threaten to tear it apart. A relationship is always at a risk of breaking into pieces if the two consenting parties are not flexible enough. It calls for commitment, patience, resilience, understanding and compromises for the survival of the relationship.

A relationship that has withstood the test of time can hardly break due to its capacity to handle shock. It is a journey through hard and lean times. Emotional sojourns through the dark valleys of despair. Times when a relationship stands at the threshold, at the edge of the precipice. But due to the pureness of heart that comes with true love, the relationship does not capsize. Instead it becomes even more stronger and firmer to resemble summer love. A true love calculator.

How To Completely Captivate A Women?

When dating, what would you do to impress the women you approach or date? Are you facing problem such as lacking of interesting good topic to talk about? In most cases, when the woman would get bored, she will eventually excuse herself for something more interesting. There gone a possible wonderful love relationship.

Here I want to reveal the secret in captivating a women, the magic is “storytelling”!

The funny thing is, I realize that the same story can be recycled again and again, the more you repeat, the more refine the story is. Practice make perfect! What I realized was that though I was bored with the stories, the girls were completely captivated by them! It’s funny, because most men who are naturals with women are usually good story tellers. They’re able to tell a story in an entertaining manner, you can’t help but have a good time with them!

Remember the formula: Storytelling = Entertainment = Good Time and if you can show a woman a good time, they’ll always want to attach to you! Now, another interesting fact is that always tell the same stories over and over again. This is because they perfect their stories every time they tell them, and they also know which stories work to get the women they’re talking to interested! But these stories all have something in common, no matter who is telling what story. There is one common factor that binds them all together. It’s the “secret” of every natural ladies man anywhere, and I’m going to share it with you right now.

THE STORY IS ALL ABOUT THE WOMEN! That’s right. They talk about themselves. Do your homework so that you have some good stories. They should be stories from your life that are entertaining. Make sure your stories are lively and exited! Otherwise, your interaction with her will end very soon.

Next, ask her some questions about herself. Simple question like “Where is your hometown,” or “What do you do during free time.” Keep finding out more about herself until you find something you that you can blend into your own stories.

For instance, if she is from LA, and tell you experience all about LA and surrounding! It is crucial to tell stories that relate to the experience so that you can create a sense of connection with her. It is a way of creating a common experience you both share. Remember that old phrase “We have so much in common!”? Well, that’s important because peoples feel comfortable towards what they are familiar. When she is more familiar with you, it will be the easier for you to get a date.

Some Great Tips And Advice For Online Dating Personals

We live in an electronic world nowadays. To end up knowing singles on line very common because there is a good number of free services of personals on line which help of the thousands of people to find the personal ads free on the net. We saw that many free personals sites to produce free marriages per year and marriage with one the other by free web sites of personals are easy and common. The reason to make it simple and easy is because the free personals obtain knowing the other free members before they come into contact with, like the age of member, the career, education, the interests, the pastimes, and others. Moreover, when the members announce their free personal ads on dating from the sites, they say often true about themselves. It is different to meet a person on the street or in a night club, which populates sometimes the lie about them to obtain more attention of the other people. At the first time when the personals announce their profiles to the dating service, they usually say lies about them, but rectify them only because they do not know even which will look at their profiles.

There are many dating services that the offer chooses to find the unmarried men simple and women on the net. They want just to help the people on line to have an occasion to know each other online. Usually when you join to date freely from the sites, they employ some advertisements on the site to pay out field and reception. It does not mean that each profile on the free site of these personals is good because the webmasters of Web site do not have enough time to study one. They do not detect the messages of email when the members send between them to make sure that inattentive message does not send to other members. In fact, the free assistance of services of personals chooses to be on line, locally and around the world. However, they do not allow personals to announce their sexy photographs or naked photographs. They must remove your profiles if you announce your sexy photographs on their dating Web sites. Since they think that the personals of adult announcing their images of adult will distract from other members thus they do not allow that. You can announce your personal ads, but not the photograph or the images of adult is not authorized on their Web sites.

Since the free service of personals is 100% free, there are some members announce their profiles to announce something which is not related to date the service type, come into contact with them immediately thus they can remove the dating scams. If you have any comment or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact with them. They always seek the suggestion in the way in which they can improve their service of personals to continue to help of the people locally and around the world.

The services on line joignants of personals is good to obtain knowing the other single men and unmarried women. Your other half awaits to you the beginning thus reviewing the Internet to note that special somebody for yourself. Some dating services famous thus produce thousands of marriages per year do not await any longer, but start to record your profile and start to date.

Are you ready to meet your other half now. Take action now. Join these free dating services to meet your other half.

Christian Onlinedating Skills

Looking for better online dating skills? Fortunately, like most anything else, online dating skills can be learned and and put into practice.

Going over the following New Dating Skills may help you on your next Christian dating experience. You don’t have to score high in all of these dating skills, but just being cognizant of them can go a long way toward your success.

Understand Your Needs and Flaws

I just had a conversation with a Christian single parent interested in dating after divorce. I counseled her to take stock of her shortcomings and get to know herself as a single person again before venturing out in a relationship that may be end up as a rebound dating mess. Why did I say this? This is a new dating skill she that would be useful because only only when one understands who they can attract the kind of person that is good for them. Unfortunately many single go from one dating relationship to the next without ever examining their heart. Bad move.

Monkey See Monkey Date

Our advice here is to seek out real and vulnerable Christian couples who have have had successful dating relationships that ended in marriage. These people obviously had dating skills that perhaps you could apply to your own particular situation.

Read About How You Can Improve
Reading articles on new dating skills may also help you along the way. Overall, putting these online dating tips into practice can help you have a better dating life.

Find Your Love In The Cyberspace Through Online Dating

Do you know why more and more people are interested in online dating these days? The reason for this is that it is comparatively a hassle-free way of dating. Contrary to the conventional dating style where people were limiting their search to their town or city to get someone who they can really love, you can now search across the world wide web and choose the one from millions of options. Moreover, you don?t need to waste your time by dating with people in the town who don?t match your criteria. Rather, you can search for many people in the cyberspace who share the same interest with you. Online dating allows you to talk to people and know more about them before you actually meet them and start a relationship. This is a great concept and now almost everyone in the western world is accepting online dating as an ultimate way of meeting their soul mates or finding love.

There are hundreds of online dating websites across the web and you will find varieties of members in each of them. Some of them are looking for serious relationships and some are not-so-serious about it, but want fun out of them. Whatever may be the goal, you can find someone for online dating on these websites. You can send messages and emails and chat with people you like to develop strong relationships with them. The most attractive thing about online dating is you can promote yourself even when you are not available online. Your profiles are a great way to give information about you to other members of the sites. Actually, in case of online dating, it is the profile that matters as you are not able to see the person. The person on the other side might be living miles away from you, but you can meet them, know about them and share thoughts with them through written and verbal communication. It?s possible all because of online dating.

Personally, I feel that you are exposed to numerous options for finding your love when you are on online dating sites. When I was searching for my love within the range of my college friends, I had to wait for days to get a reply. Sometimes, I would wait for weeks but ultimately end up with no answer at all. I don?t understand what makes the girls take so long to answer. Till they reply- whether yes or no- you might have missed numerous opportunities to find someone better than her. But with online dating you are open to send messages to multiple recipients. Isn?t that interesting?

Online dating is not much expensive; even the free dating sites are offering their services free of cost. So basically, you don?t have to do much to get involved with someone across the cyberspace. The only thing you have to do is to brush up your conversation skill. The ability to interact with others can take you places with online dating. So, give online dating a shot and enjoy love among the world wide web.

Simple Lessons From The Bible That Can Help You Get Married

There seems to be many Christian singles books on the shelves these days, on how to pick a mate, how to love a mate and how to keep a mate. But before you can be picked, loved or kept, you have to be found or find somebody. Following what people did in the Bible may help you on your way…

Community Counts…

When a man or woman reached an appropriate age in the Bible, their love ticket was basically written for them. Abraham found a wife for his son, Isaac. Naomi helped her widowed daughter-in-law Ruth find her man Boaz and Mordecai helped his cousin, Esther marry a king.

Unlike our modern culture, in biblical times people had families, communities and a social structure to help them get married. Nowadays, it’s rare to have that kind of help. If somebody wants to get married, many times we’re told:

“You’re on your own, baby!”

But just like people seek mentoring; coaching and support when they want to focus on careers and academics, having people around that share your vision for marriage can be crucial. You need their faith and maybe even their prodding and planning along the path to your wedding day. It might be they “know somebody” that might be a good mate for you, or it could be that they can be faithful in prayer for you. Whatever the case, according to the Bible, we are not meant to take the journey to matrimony alone.

So how do you develop your community? You can start by building up the courage to (gasp) tell those around you that want to get married. After that, you wait and see what happens. If they support you, they are part of your community. If they give a negative response like, “Hey, Jesus will be your boyfriend” or a neutral one like “Just wait on the Lord,” take a clue from the early disciples: dust off your feet and move on. You are looking to get married and you can’t let platitudes stop you.

Follow in the tracks of Naomi when she told Ruth: “My daughter, should I not try to find a home for you?” Ruth 3:1.

We need people in our lives like that. We need a community that has the vision for us to get married. Be brave, pray and search until you find one.

You have the green light from God…

Adam and God in the Garden of Eden had a love thing going on. No sin, no separation, just man and God in a natural state. That’s about as close to God as you can get! But despite Adam kickin’ it with God on a regular basis, God said Adam still needed something… a woman. God even had a name for the predicament Adam was in – God called it “not good” (Genesis 2:18) The Bible says marriage is a reflection of God and his church and that marriage should be honored by all. Why wouldn’t you want to make good on something that God speaks so highly of? Christian singles frequently get stuck by phases like, “You just need to be content” and “Wait on the Lord” but being content and waiting on the Lord does not mean don’t do anything. When you look at love in the Bible, people took action and worked on the premise that it was not good for man to be alone. Marriage was the norm and expected of most everyone. Even Paul’s stipulations on singles in the book of Corinthians were made during a period of “present distress.” We are not in that “present distress” any more. God’s word still stands, if we want to listen. If it was not good for Adam to be alone, it is not good for us.

Renewing your mind for men…

There are women I know who want to get married, but their actions and words speak otherwise. They complain about men, they make fun of men; they stereotype men and wonder out loud where all the “real men” are.

I know these women because I used to be one. That was until I had an “aha” moment. God came down in a cloud from heaven one day (just kidding) and said to me, “Karen, when men don’t think you like them, they stay away from you.” Now, I am not talking about that one guy who you don’t like but who likes you. I am talking about men in general. Our culture can ridicule traditional masculinity and femininity. That’s why I implore all single, Christian women… learn about men. If you hear over and over in the media and in conversations with your sister friends that men are wrong, it will be hard to find a Mr. Right.

Let’s take a new look at men. We all know men and women are different and relate to each other in different ways. I would encourage you to find out how this plays out in everyday life. Renew your mind on men. Read books. Go to workshops. If you have had bad situations with men, pray and seek help. Don’t let a bad experience with a man in the past; destroy a good experience with a man in the future.

You want to marry a friend – not an adversary!

I love the scripture in Titus 2:2 where it says the older women need to teach the younger women to love their husbands. This was yet another “aha” moment for me…. love can be taught! Make the investment and learn how to love men. Find someone who is doing the same for women and you have a winning combination.

The Bible says we will reap what we sow, those in the Bible were intentional about taking steps towards marriage and they… got married. They believed God, took him at his word and took action. Let’s follow suit and be intentional as we try to become a reflection of God and his church by striving towards marriage

How To Be A Player And Seduce Any Woman You Want

It is a common misconception that a woman does not want to get seduced. In the movie Hitch, the main protagonist who is a dating guru, mentioned that no woman wakes up saying “God, I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today.” This is very true. However, this doesn’t mean that seduction is easy. But if you play your cards right and know what the true player knows, the game will stack in your favour.

So what does the player knows that the common man doesn’t? I am about to reveal to you what I call the ‘twin keys to seduction’. With these two keys, you are well on your way to s any woman you want.

The first key to seduction is control.

Being in control is the perhaps the most important trait seeked for by a woman in a man, either consciously or subconsciously. The player must never exert control in a forceful manner – rather he will need to do it subtlely. An easy way to do this is to balance out having control with forfeiting it – for example: “Yes, I will bring you out for drinks this Friday, but I will get to pick where we go to.”

The second key to seduction is patience.

Look – you can never seduction any woman if you are not patient. The true player knows how to pace the process of seduction. The biggest mistake a man can make when seducing a woman is to move too fast. Remember this – women ‘warms up’ far slower than men. They will need to be paced throughout the interaction – if a man ‘moves’ any faster than what the woman is comfortable with, she is most likely to bail out.

The true player knows that the twin weapons of control and patience are the most deadly arsenal in his seduction toolkit. By projecting your gentlemanly traits confidently through carefully paced interaction is the sure way to seduce any woman you want.