Loving A Girl

In today?s relationships men seem to have problems with how to love a girl. I say this because most of what is said about dating revolves around playing hard to get and never revealing all your emotions. This can be really contradicting if you want to show a woman that you really love her.

A lot of men will be reluctant to demonstrate their love for a girl because they claim it shows a sign of weakness. This fear is not really about weakness, but rather the fact that they fear that they will be hurt if the girl doesn?t reciprocate the feeling.

If you?re going to love a girl, love her for who she really is, including her qualities and her faults. This usually means that you will have to get to know her before declaring your love which is a step that many guys skip. In fact, if you truly know the girl in question, you?ll already know how she feels.

Once you know, and you feel the moment is right, just tell her directly. There?s no sense in playing it safe, you?re either all in or you?re not.

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