Pick Up Girls

Here’s a few tips and tricks to pick up girls. Pay attention and you’ll learn a few things about how to get girls…

Good and effective communication has great power to impress others. Girls normally do get carried away by the smart words used by guys. Do not sound like a bore when talking. Pick an interesting topic and converse smartly. Adding some humor will only make the conversation lively.

Remember that woman think emotionally and use this in your favour. Invoke feelings in a woman by telling stories and using emotional words. When picking up girls you shoud be sure to keep her entertained and focused on what your saying.

Be yourself. Do not try to act as if you are someone else. Girls can easily make out if you are genuine or fake. Remember if she is really beautiful, she is surely used to guys coming and asking her out and this has probably made her a good judge of men. Be confident about what and who you are. The way you feel shows up so be confident and let that confidence ooze out.

Don’t let the woman know that you are there for her. It is good to control your emotions and not reveal them instantly. Save it for some other time. Let her feel you are different from the rest and are not hitting on her. You can talk to her about different things and even seek her opinion on few things. This will also help you know her better and add a certain mystique to your personality. She will want to meet you often to know you better.

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